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    Emily’s Hopeful Holiday was created in honor of our daughter Emily, who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 7 in 2007. She was treated at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio and is now a CANCER SURVIVOR at the very young age of 17. During our painful journey we discovered that there are many families who are struggling with the staggering cost of cancer treatments. We have raised $144,500.00 since the fund's establishment in 2007. 100% of the money raised goes directly to the families at Rainbow to assist them in paying their bills (utilities, rent, etc.). For more information on EHH, please review this blog for links to media and other information. Emily's Hopeful Holiday Fund is through Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital in Cleveland, OH and we are always accepting donations. Please use the CONTACT ME button to email me if you would like to make a contribution or use the PAYPAL DONATION button on the right side bar to make a donation. This fund assists families throughout the entire year, however, we focus our fundraising efforts during the holiday season. We will always remember the fear and heartache of chemo treatments, lumbar punctures, sedations, medical procedures, surgeries, and anxiously waiting on every test result. Our nerve wracking, yet relatively simple routine trips to the Ireland Cancer Center for Emily’s check-ups remind us of where we have been and that there are families and children just beginning this journey, continuing to endure this journey, and/or ending this journey with either an immense gratefulness or an unspeakable sadness. We are so grateful for Emily’s amazing prognosis, for her health, for her laughter, for her smile, for her silliness, for her. We thank God everyday for His blessing upon our family and for all the wonderful people who surround our lives with love and support.
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Amherst family battles cancer on many fronts

Posted by emilyshopefulholiday on June 7, 2009

Amherst family battles cancer on many fronts

Stephen Szucs | The Chronicle-Telegram

Little Emily Zichi learned the importance of a simple gift while enduring a deadly disease. The leukemia that invaded her 7-year-old body a year ago has been fought off with aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, but it was the support she got from those around her that taught her a valuable lesson about life.

Emily Zichi, 7, carries a toy. “When I was in the hospital, it was pretty scary,” Emily said. “I got so many gifts (from friends and family), it made me so happy. I know the other kids might feel the same way if they got something, too.” Emily’s mother, Laura Zichi, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, saw how her daughter’s smile gave her strength, but also how some of the less-fortunate kids being treated at Rainbow Two — as the hospital’s second floor is called — didn’t have the same level of support. So around Thanksgiving, she decided to send out an e-mail seeking donations of gifts for the children to friends and family members to see what could be gathered. The e-mail slowly made its way to local groups and schools, and little by little, the floor of the Zichi’s Amherst home began to disappear gift by gift, and packing for “Emily’s Hopeful Holiday” began. “We probably had a few carloads as more and more people started bringing over gifts,” said Tom Zichi, Emily’s father. “We decided a couple weeks ago that we had better rent a U-Haul (truck).” Family, friends and schoolmates from Emily’s second-grade class at St. Joseph School in Amherst arrived at the Zichi’s early Friday morning to help pack the 17-foot-U-Haul, which ended up stuffed. Books, stuffed animals and other gifts were packaged and labeled with the appropriate gender and age, and carefully stacked to be delivered to the hospital. While Emily continues to fight, she expects to be done with her outpatient chemotherapy treatments in summer 2009, and is living life like that of an average kid her age, and that of a special “helper” too. “I feel like an elf,” Emily said, her big smile showing off her missing front teeth. “It feels good.”


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